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Here Comes The Sun
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The year is off to a flying start for 20 year old Rachael Leahcar, with the release of her third concept album of Beatles covers' titled 'Here Comes the Sun' . Whilst the recording process was relatively fast and very hard work for Rachael, the results are some of her best work yet.
Here Comes The Sun 2014
Rachael says, "The Beatles have always been a huge musical inspiration in my life. They taught me to imagine a better world and instilled in me important values; to fight for peace, change and love, and learn from the problems of yesterday. They’ve shown the impact music can have across the universe and it is an honour to present my take on some of their classics. So don’t let me down and have a listen to something special to me."

'Here Comes the Sun' will be sure to win even more hearts for Australia's sweetheart Rachael Leahcar.

Track listing:
1. Golden Slumbers / Here Come The Sun
2. Blackbird
3. Don't Let Me Down
4. Something
5. Yesterday
6. Hide Your Love Away...
7. Let It Be
8. She's Leaving Home
9. Imagine
10. In My Life
11. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
12. Across The Universe
13. Hey Jude / The End

Coming Up:

Elder Park (Adelaide)
Sun 14th Dec, 2014

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Catch up:

2GB interview + live performance of 'Blackbird' with Chris Smith: http://www.2gb.com/audioplayer/40801#.U12zyGeKB1u

2UE live performance of 'Let It Be' with Stuart Bocking - http://www.2ue.com.au/blogs/2ue-blog/rachael-leahcar-performs-let-it-be/20140411-36hp3.html

Studio 10 live performance of 'Here Comes the Sun'



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Starring Rachael Leahcar and Felipe Hernandez
Cinematography/editing: Luke Bartholomew
Audio: Sam Evans
Backing track: Sing2Guitar
Produced by Wolfpack Productions
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